Bonded Abrasives

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Bonded Abrasives

These are divided into Vitrified, Resinoid & Rubber products and Thin Wheels and are manufactured by mixing grains with bonding material, moulding them to shape and then subjecting the output to firing or baking in high temperature and finishing the same to desired dimensions. The composition of the product depends on the type of grains and type of bonding materials used. Sizes will vary between 10 mm to 1200 mm with thickness ranging from 1 mm to 650 mm. Bonded abrasives are mostly in the form of wheels but also in other shapes such as segments, sticks etc.

Bonded abrasives for internal purposes classified as Standard Products i.e. those products which are made to standard dimensions, grit sizes, shapes and grain / bond composition. These are sold largely through the distribution channel. Non Standard Products are those products which are made to exact requirements of customers. CUMIs product range boasts of over 20,000 varieties of abrasives. Bonded Abrasives are used in diverse applications like floor polishing, fabrication, polishing, off-hand tool grinding and precision grinding of diverse products like crank shaft, balls and razor blade across a wide spectrum of industries ranging from automobile, construction, fabrication, steel, bearing etc.

Snagging Wheels

Cumi’s snagging wheels are made with a special brown Aluminium Oxide with our unique bond system. Optimized for good cutting action and long life.

Roll Grinding Wheels

CUMIs Roll grinding wheels are extensively used in steel rolling mills for grinding the rolls in their roll shop. CUMI has the complete product range to grind various types of rolls for hot as well as cold rolling mills. CUMI has both conventional and micro crystalline abrasives. It offers exceptional cutting action with less wheel wear.

Resinoid Tapper Cup Wheels

CUMI's Resin tapper cup wheels are designed for grinding of welded joints of metals and stone by means of portable grinders. Available with threaded nuts.

CUMI Grinding & Cuttings Discs

CUMI grinding and cutting discs are produced in the state of the art ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing facility, with stringent process controls and final product quality checks. By this, not only the best grinding performances are achieved, but also the highest levels of product safety is maintained in accidence with EN 12413 standards.

Thin Wheels - Cutting application

4”(105 mm,1 mm thk)
5”(125 mm,1 mm thk)
14”(350 mm,2.8 mm thk)

Thin Wheels - Grinding application

SAMURAI-100 x 4 x 16 mm
SAMURAI-125 x 6 x 22 mm
CUMI -180 x 6.5 x 22.23 mm
HI CUT-100 x 4 x 16 mm