Leader Valves Ltd. is a leading valve manufacturing company of India. They are a totally integrated valves manufacturing unit with their own Ferrous & Non Ferrous Foundries, Forging units and state of the art Machining and Testing facilities. The company was set-up seven decades ago when India was on the threshold of industrial revolution and there were no good valve manufacturers in the country. It has over the years built up an excellent track record by following the policy of customer satisfaction through continual improvement in Designs, Manufacturing Processes and marketing products that are highly competitive, Safe and Harmless to the environment.


They are an ISO-9001:2015 company since Jan 1996 certified by LRQA, India. The company is also licensed to use API Spec 6D and API 600 monograms. Their Ferrous & Non-Ferrous foundries are PED certified by M/s. LRQA India & AD 2000-Merkblatt WO certified by TUV India. The Foundries are also adjudged as "Well Known FOUNDRY" under Indian Boiler Regulation 4C(2) of Central Boiler Board, Govt. of India. They also have IRS works approval certificate for Ferrous and Non Ferrous Foundry for casting of marine valves in accordance with the relevant requirements of Part 2, Chapter 4 & Chapter 8 of "Rules & Regulations for the Construction & Classification of Steel Ships". Their valves are certified by "FCRI" for functional and structural integrity for Seismic applications. They are registered with all major clients in India and abroad. They are also the recipient of "The National award for Indigenisation" for the year 1996—1997 by the Ministry of Defence India for their contribution in indigenous ship building activities of the Indian Navy.

Gun Metal/Bronze Valves

Gun Metal/Bronze Valves

For fluidic piping systems, valves are the controlling elements. Valves are used to isolate equipment and piping systems, regulate flow, prevent backflow, and regulate and relieve pressure. The most suitable valve must be carefully selected for the piping systems.

The minimum design or selection parameters for the valve most suitable for an application are the following: size, material of construction, pressure and temperature ratings and end connections. In addition, if the valve is to be used for control purposes, additional parameters must be defined. Theses parameters include: method of operation, maximum flow capacity requirement, pressure drop during normal flowing conditions, pressure drop at shutoff and maximum and minimum inlet pressure at the valve. Theses parameters are met by selecting body styles, material of construction, seats, packing, end connections, operations and supports.

Cast Steel Valves

The API 600 family of Leader Gate, Globe and Swing Check Vales is exceptionally sturdy, rugged and durable, with a reputation for quality, integrity and long service. They are designed for tight sealing and ease of operation. The valves are available with flanged ends or butt ends, in pressure rating from ASME Class 150 and in a variety of materials of construction.

Gate valves features a ball type disc, outside screw-and-yoke and bolted bonnet construction. They conform to BS 1873 and also meet the general requirements of API 600, including wall thickness and stuffing box dimensions. Check Valves are of swing type and bolted-cover construction. They conform to BS 1868/API 6D and also meet the requirement of API 600, including wall thickness.

Forged Steel Valves

Forged Steel Gate valves have a rising stem and Globe valves have a rising hand wheel. The position of the stem or hand wheel helps in identifying whether the valve is in Closed or Open position. Flanged valves are supplied with welded on flanges made of the same material as the body material. Bolted body-bonnet/cover joint with spirally wound stainless steel gasket is used for maximum protection against leaks. Die formed packing rings of flexible graphite with braided end rings to arrest gland leakage.

Gate valves have - "T" head stem connection to ensure disc-seat alignment - Tapered shoulder on the stem for back seating - Outside Screw and Yoke (OS & Y) which prevents corrosion of the stem by the line fluid. Globe & CHECK VALVE have plug type disc enables close flow regulations. Ball Valves offer full flow with minimum turbulence and can balance or throttle fluids. Ball Valve move from closed to full open in a quarter of a turn of the shaft and are, therefore, referred to as quarter turn ball valve.

Forged Fittings

Cast Iron Valves

Marine Valves

Fire Hydrant Valve
125mm Actuator Valve
100mm Storm Valve
50NB Gate Valve