Berger Paints is the culmination of over seven-decade process of evolution and growth that began in 1923. Its growth has been closely linked with the business and industrial development of modern India. BERGER'S performance is anchored today in a wide variety of Decorative and Industrial paints which continue to gain an increasing share of the highly competitive Indian paint market. Being an ISO 9001 company its quality products have attained instant recognition, worldwide, and continues to meet quality requirements that are demanded today even in the domestic market. The Country's third largest paint manufacturer, with its Headquarters in Calcutta, BERGER controls a distribution network comprising of 82 stock points and 12000+ Paint retailers across the country.

Conventional / Synthetic Enamels Shade
Primers: Bison HB Zinc Phosphat Primer Grey
Bison RSP Zinc Phosphate Primer Grey
Red-Oxide Zinc Phosphate Primer IS 12744 Red-Oxide
BP Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer IS 2074 Red-Oxide
BR Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer IS 2074 Red-Oxide
Intermediates: Bison HB MIO Brownish Grey
Finish: Luxol HG Syn Enamel Assorted
Torpedo Syn Enamel Assorted
BP Synthetic Enamel Assorted
BR Synthetic Enamel Assorted
Epoxy Shade
Zinc Phosphate Primers: Epilux 610 Primer Red - Oxide / Grey
Epilux 610 HB Primer Red-Oxide
Epilux 610 HBLD Primer Red-Oxide
Epilux 610 HBLD Primer Grey
Epilux 610 HI BLD PR CT Red-Oxide / Grey
Epilux FRX A/C Red-Oxide / Grey
Epilux 13 LB Primer Red-Oxide / Grey
Epilux 13 LB Primer Red-Oxide / Grey
Epilux XL Zinc Phoshphate Primer Grey
Zinc Rich Primers: Epilux 4 Zinc Rich Primer Grey
Epilux 4 ZNEP Primer Grey
Epilux 4 Zinc Rich HB ESR Primer Grey
Epilux 4 Zinc Rich Primer Z-88 Grey
Surface Tolerant Primers: Protectomastic Primer Aluminium / Lt.Grey
Protectomastic Primer Silver Grey / Vellum
Protectomastic XL MIO Brown / Silver
Epilux ST Glass Flake Coating Grey
Intermediates: Epilux 4 HB MIO Grey
Epilux 4 MIO Grey
Epilux Epoxy MIO Brownish Grey
Epilux 455 HB MIO Brownish Grey
EP Intermediate MIO Coating Off-White
Finish: Epilux 155 HB Assorted
Epilux 4 HB Epoxy Finish Assorted
Epilux 4 HBLD Epoxy Finish Assorted
Epilux 950 Super HB Coating Assorted
Epilux 4 Chemical Resisting Assorted
Zinc Silicate Primers Shade
Zinc Silicate Primers: Zinc Anode 304 MZV Grey
Zinc Anode 304 MZS Grey
Zinc Anode 304 MZ Grey
Zinc Anode 304 MZ Grey
Epoxy Tank Liners Shade
Epoxy Tank Liners Epilux 78 HBTL Grey / White
Epilux 9 HB Phenolic Coating Light Grey
Epilux STL Coating Grey / White
Polyurethane (PU) Shade
PU Bererthane Finish Assorted
Bergerthane PU Glossy Finish Assorted
BR PU HG Assorted
BR PU Enamel Assorted
BR Acrylic PU HB Coating Assorted
Bergerthane 41 SG PU Finish Assorted
Heat Resistant Shade
Heat Resistant Berger IS 2339 Aluminium Aluminium
Ferrotol HR Aluminium Aluminium
Lumeros HR 47 (Up to 400 Deg.C) Aluminium
Lumeros HR 123 (Up to 500 Deg.C) Aluminium
Lumeros HR 143 (Up to 600 Deg.C) Aluminium
BR Thermolite Aluminium
Bituminous HR Shade
Bituminous HR A/A HR Black Black
Apexior No. 3 (Exterior) Black
AFerrotol No. 1 Boiler (Interior) Black
Ferrotol Stack Black Black