Powder Coatings


BERGER PAINTS is the culmination of over seven-decade process of evolution and growth that began in 1923. Its growth has been closely linked with the business and industrial development of modern India. BERGER'S performance is anchored today in a wide variety of Decorative and Industrial paints which continue to gain an increasing share of the highly competitive Indian paint market. Being an ISO 9001 company its quality products have attained instant recognition, worldwide, and continues to meet quality requirements that are demanded today even in the domestic market. The Country's third largest paint manufacturer, with its Headquarters in Calcutta, BERGER controls a distribution network comprising of 82 stock points and 12000+ Paint retailers across the country.

The Berger Family - A Committed Team

In Berger family It is the fundamental conviction of each member that while growth and profitability are key indices of company’s enterprise, technological ability and the pursuit of excellence are the prime forces. With a fine blend of experience, expertise, and qualifications, people at Berger are constantly upgrading their skills and knowledge, keeping abreast of the latest technological developments and managerial practices – a key reason for Berger Paints being the fastest growing paint company in the country.

Innovative Customer Services

At the centre of Berger Paints business operations is the very special relationship that has evolved between the Company and millions of customers across India. From the housewife to the industrial user customer satisfaction is Berger’s uppermost concern. With this objective in mind, Berger has created highly responsive customer services. Colorbank facilitates instant customised shade mixing at over 1300 retail outlets across the country. Décor Service Colour Consultancy helps people to paint their homes easily and attractively. Prolinks is Berger reaching out to architects, designers and builders to develop personalised requirements and choices.

Berger For Industry

Acknowledged pioneer and pathfinder in the industrial coatings segment in India, Berger Paints has been in the forefront of leading edge technology in the battle of loss prevention. The long list of national assets protected by Berger is proof of the Company's commitment to fight corrosion and help sustain the nation's industrial economy. From general industrial paints to heavy-duty specialist industrial coatings, from automotive coatings to powder coatings, Berger's presence has been comprehensive. In each of these segments Berger has technical agreements with world leaders to reinforce its own expertise with evolving international technologies. To tap the fast emerging coil coatings segment, Berger Paints has set up a joint venture, Berger Becker, with Becker Industrifarg AB of Sweden. With a variety of solutions to fit the needs of industry, from a total service package and customisation of products to consulting and maintenance, there is always a Berger coating system and service that is equal to the task.

Berger Paints Industrial Coatings has 3 divisions :
  • General Industrial Coatings & Automotive Coatings
  • Powder Coatings
  • Protecton - High Performance Industrial Coatings

Optimising protection and décor the world over, powder coatings are finding increasing use in areas traditionally dominated by liquid paints. Whether it is refrigerators, marine fixtures or steel and aluminium furniture - practically every leading manufacturer of metal clad consumer durables is switching to this new generation coating. Ranked as a leader in high quality, superior grade powder coatings, Berger Paints’ range is manufactured in a state-of- the-art 2500 TPA plant.

Between them, Berger Ultracoat, Permacoat and Qualicoat Powder Coatings encompass the complete range of powder products. While Ultracoat is a top favourite among job-coaters, Permacoat pure polyester powders are dedicated for use in the architectural segment. Qualicoat powders are customised products and are used by nearly every top manufacturer of consumer durables in the country. Fully trained distributors provide on- the-spot technical services to small industries and job-coaters. With a strong R&D set up for Powder Coating at Howrah , we have two major manufacturing facilities- one at Howrah and the other one at Jammu. The total production capacity is 450MT/month..

What is Powder Coating ?

Coatings which are both protective & decorative in nature applied on the substrate in the form of powder . When subjected to heat or rediant energy, it melts & fuses into a continuous film.

Special Charecteristic: This is in a solid paint, requires no diluents or thinner for application.

Speciality Products

  • Lustrous Metallic Powders & Dead Matt Pure Polyester for 2 WHEELER industries- Highly appreciated by Royal Enfield & Bajaj. Further developments are going on for TVS, Hero Motors etc.
  • SUPER DURABLE POLYESTERS & POLYURETHANES – Well accepted in Architectural customers. Also, our POLYURETHANES are having excellent performance in Wood Grain finish products. Produced as fine grain textures & plain finishes, they are highly popular in the Steel Furniture segment.
  • For the Agricultural equipment manufacturers, we have developed products which meet the highly demanding working environment consisting of soil, water and pebbles.
  • In the ALUMINIUM EXTRUSION & ELEVATORS Segment, our Flame Retardant Metallic Powder is highly appreciated due to its flame retardant property and aesthetics.
  • Candy Colours : High Luster products with excellent flamboyancy. Shades – Blue , Green , Red , Yellow.
  • Hammer tones : Typical Hammer tone grain effect with excellent Gloss Can be treated like Solid colour, no blending. Shades – Blue, Silver.

Characteristics : Powder Coating

  • Industrial Type
  • Paint in Powder form
  • Zero VOC
  • Applied as a layer of powder directly on the pretreated substrate, mostly by spray application method.
  • When baked, the layer Melts, Flows and finally Cures to give a tough film.

Typical Application Areas for Powder Coatings

Agriculture Equipment
Air Conditioners
Automobile parts – external
Automobile parts under bonnet
Computer housing
Lawn movers
Lighting equipment
Machines and parts
Metal furniture exterior