Welding Electrodes


An ISO 9001:2000 company, GEE Limited started its journey of excellence in1969 and ever since has maintained a steady pace of growth with clear focus on customer delight and innovation. This future-ready approach has also inspired us to transform our brand equity into a new progressive identity of GWELD – Seal of Trust.

Each of the products mentioned in this catalogue is an evidence of our passion for innovation that keeps on driving us to formulate need-specific welding solutions for the unique demands from various sectors. GEE’s chemists, metallurgists and technical experts meticulously analyze customers’ welding problems and arrive at solutions in terms of welding procedures and new formulations in welding consumables wherever required. Today, GWELD’s unmatched expertise in welding technology and metallurgy driven by in-house R&D and global networking and documentation systems can solve any complex welding problem. In this process, we also create new knowledge on an on-going basis to enrich the welding industry.


Strong connection will never be a pipe dream now

Gricon White E6010
Griduct 70G E7010G
Griduct 80G E8010G

Construction and laying of pipelines running into thousands of kilometres crisscrossing the country is an ongoing activity. They form the vital means of transporting natural gas, crude oil and petroleum products among others. The consumables developed and listed here for making pipe joints take into account all the welding properties and parameters demanded by the environment and identified by piping experts.


Incredible resistance to corrosive fluids

Griduct 6P2NC E8018P2
Griduct 9P2NC E9018P2

These are critical components in manufacturing plants such as Oil Refineries, Power Stations, Chemical Plants etc. They frequently operate in corrosive atmospheres. To withstand this specific hazard, these welding consumables have been specially developed by us and they are detailed here.


Transcend those vertical limits with weather-proof strong welded structural confidence for construction

Gricon Green E7018
Gricon Green (spl) H4R E7018-1 H4R
Gricon Green NC E7018-1 (Nace Gr.)
Geecor Purple (spl) E7016-1
Geecon Purple (spl) H4R E7016-1 H4R

In general, this industry means infrastructure projects such as Highways, Bridges, Power Plants, Water Supply Projects, high-rise buildings such as Burj Khalifa, townships and many others. As these activities are mostly steel-based meeting different service conditions and matching diverse steel compositions, new welding consumables need to be developed from time to time. This includes construction of offshore platforms as well. Some of our recent formulations are mentioned here.


High-strength having excellent Corrosion-Resistance in Chloride environments

Grinox 2209 E2209-16
Gritinox 2209 E2209-17
Grinox 25.5.3 E25.5.3-16
Gribinox 25.9.4 E25.9.4-15
Grinox 25.9.4 E25.9.4-16
Gritinox 25.9.4 E25.9.4-17

Applications :
  • Offshore oil / gas
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Process Industries e.g. Pipe water, flow lines, risers, manifolds, paper and pulp
Microstructure :
  • Having approx 50 ferrite and balance austenite.

Welding Solution for Cryogenic applications

Specially manufactured
AISI 304L (Low Ferrite)
AISI 316L (Low Ferrite)

Testing temperature minus 196
Gribinox 308LT
Gribinox 316LT

Geesaw 308LT
Geeflux 376

Here the steels are meant for cryogenic applications. These types of steels are generally used in fabrication of plants used for liquefied gases. The challenge is to weld at very low temperatures and therefore formulate consumables conforming to the required stringent parameters. The consumables developed by us successfully in recent times are detailed out here.


High-temperature creep strength, corrosion resistance requirements of Petrochemicals, Refineries, Power Plants

Grinox 308H E308H-16
Grinox 316H E316H-16
Grinox 316H E316H-16

High-corrosion resistance, high-strength, low-weight and low- maintenance cost besides aesthetic appeal are some of the basic characteristics Stainless Steel possesses. For these good reasons it is increasingly used in industries like Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Breweries, Dairies, Paper and Pulp, Chemical Plants and many others. 316L and 317L Stainless Steel, besides Duplex Stainless Steel are more in use. The consumables highlighted here cover some of our recent developments.


Power-packed welding solution for power generation

Gemet 811 E Ni Cu 7
Gemet 821N E Ni Cr Fe 3
Gemet 825N E Ni Cr Fe 2
Gemet 825N E Ni Cr Mo 3

Electric power is the prime mover that drives our economy. All developmental efforts, infrastructural and otherwise are fully dependent on its uninterrupted supply. But there is a never-ending shortage of power. So concerted efforts are made to generate power-generating unit. Be it hydro, thermal or nuclear, all need welding consumable for maintenance besides expansion programmers. This applies equally to Greenfield projects. Also, for non-conventional sources like solar, windmills and tidal wave projects. The newly developed consumables are detailed herein.


A helping hand to the guardians at sea

Griduct 100 E8018G
Griduct 200 E9018G
Geeflux 521 X ENi2 F10A6ENi2

Shipbuilding is a prestigious activity both for civil as well as for naval service. The range includes firefighting tugs, bulk carriers, platform- supply vessels and dredgers besides commercial ships and aircraft carriers for the navy. Shipyards also have built-in capability to handle complex and sophisticated repair jobs. The listing here features consumables freshly developed for building aircraft carrier of Indian Navy.